CDPM 77735X

Color:                      Inbox

Energy Class:         A+

Place Setting:         16

Upper Basket:         Extra Large (with high front profile)

Adjustable Height Upper Basket: Yes

Tea Cup Supports (Upper Basket): Yes

Long Cutlery Bridge Support: Yes

Comfort Handles:    Yes

Color of Baskets:     Metal Grey

Brushless Motor:     Yes

Type of Washing:     Impulse

Drying System:        Condenser

Digital Countdown:  Yes

No. of Programs:      10

  • Hygienic (130 Min)
  • Universal (120 Min)
  • Daily (55 Min)
  • Economy (170 Min)
  • Delicate (85 Min)
  • Rapid (59 Min)
  • Ultra Rapid (24 Min)
  • Ultra Silent (240 Min)
  • Refresh (5 Min)
  • Dishwasher Cleaner (45 Min)

Delayed Departure: 1-23 h

Salt Refill Indicator: Yes

End of Cycle Acustic Indicator: Yes

Anti-Flood Security System: Yes

3 Layers Filers: Yes

Auto Cleaning Filer: Yes

Detergent Dispenser with Sliding Door: Yes

Product Dimension(WxDxH): 600x600x850 mm

Plug Type: Eu Plug

Connection Rating (Wattage): 2150 W

Current (Ampere): 10A

Imported Country: Italy