Dimension (CM):                                               187x60x60

Gross/Net Capacity:                                          325/91

Cooling Technology:                                          Frost Free

Wi-Fi Function:                                                   Yes 

Control display (where):                                     Yes

Thermostat:                                                        Electronic

Inner Door:                                                         New with upper bottle balcony

Light:                                                                  New Sky Led on the top

Glass Shelves:                                                   Yes

Wine Rack:                                                         Yes

Door Balconies:                                                  Yes

Chiller:                                                                Yes

Crisper:                                                               Yes

Egg Tray:                                                            Yes

Freezer Drawer(s):                                              3

Reversible Door:                                                 Yes

Soft Door Closing:                                               Yes

Unit Dimension without Handle (CM):                 187x60x60

Gross Weight (KG):                                             66

Country of Import:                                                Italy

KRIÓ Suite simply-Fi combines the features of a highly technological fridge with the convenience of remote communication. Thanks to the No Frost Bio system you can enjoy fresh food for longer and, with simply-Fi, you can instruct your freezer to boost its freezing power, before you return home with lots of groceries to freeze. Also, KRIÓ Vital Evo lets you know if a bottle has reached its optimal temperature.